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Duplicateur de disque dur d'investigation numérique LOGICUBE-Forensic Falcon™ NeoDuplicateur de disque dur d'investigation numérique LOGICUBE-Forensic Falcon™ Neo

LOGICUBE Forensic Falcon NEO

Duplicateur de disque dur d'investigation numérique Forensic

  • Extremely fast forensic imaging speed surpassing 50GB/min. Clone PCIe to PCIe at speeds of 69GB/min
  • Image and verify from 4 source drives to 6 destinations for ultra-efficient imaging
  • Targeted Imaging feature creates a logical image to capture only specific files needed and shorten acquisition time. Use Partition Imaging feature to select and image specific partitions on the source drive
  • Concurrent Image+Verify feature. Verification begins while the imaging process is occurring. Duration of total image plus verification process time may be reduced by up to half
  • Image to or from a network location using two 10GbE connections for fast network imaging performance
  • Network capture. Capture network traffic, VOIP, internet activity
  • Multi-task. Image from multiple sources simultaneously. Little or no speed degradation when imaging from two sources to two destinations




  • The Falcon®-NEO is an extremely fast forensic imaging solution. It achieves imaging speeds surpassing 50GB/min and can clone PCIe to PCIe at speeds of 69GB/min.
  • Image and verify to multiple image formatsnative copy, .dd image, .dmg image, e01 and ex01. The Falcon-NEO provides MD5, SHA1, SHA256, and dual hash (MD5+SHA1) authentication at extremely fast speeds.
  • Falcon-NEO formats destination drives to NTFS, exFAT, EXT4, or FAT32 file systems. The unit supports imaging from source drives formatted to any major file system.
  • Four Write-blocked source ports include 2 SAS/SATA, 1 USB 3.0, 1 PCIe. Six Destination ports include 2 SAS/SATA, 2 SATA, 1 USB 3.0 and 1 PCIe. All destination ports are built-in to the unit, no additional module or bay  attachments required.
  • Two 10GbE network ports provide state-of-the-art connectivity for fast network imaging performance.
  • I/O card ports. Designed for the future, the Falcon-NEO includes 2 source I/O card ports and 1 destination I/O port to support new interface technologies as they arrive on the market. Thunderbolt/USB 3.1 Gen 2/USB-C I/O card will be available in Q4 2018
  • Networking Feature. Use the Falcon-NEO to image to a network location using CIFS protocol and/or image from a network location using iSCSI. Users can use iSCSI as a source or destination drive. Image to an external  torage device such as a NAS, using the Gigabit Ethernet, USB 3.0 or SAS/SATA connection.
  • Network Capture. Capture network traffic, internet activity and VOIP. Sniff data on a network and store captured packets on a hard drive connected to Falcon-NEO.
  • Multi-Task. Image simultaneously from multiple sources to multiple destinations including a network repository. Supports imaging to one location while simultaneously hashing and/or wiping a second drive. Users can perform up to 5 tasks concurrently. Little or no speed degradation when imaging from two sources to two destinations.
  • Parallel Imaging. Perform multiple imaging tasks from the same source drive to multiple destinations using different imaging formats. Clone to a network location or a destination drive using mirror copy mode while  simultaneously imaging in e01 or .dd format to a different destination drive.
  • Targeted Imaging/Logical Imaging feature shortens acquisition time. Create a logical image by using pre-set filters, custom filters, file signature filters, and/or keyword search function to select and acquire only the specific files you need. An MFT report can be generated that contains a potential deleted file list. Format output to LX01, ZIP or directory tree. Users can browse and view directly on the Falcon-NEO display, or manage and view on a networked Falcon-NEO from your laptop/desktop using a web browser
  • Partition Imaging. Select and image specific partitions on the source drive.
  • Write-Blocked Drive Preview. Preview drive contents directly on the Falcon®-NEO. The file browser feature provides logical access to source or destination drives connected to Falcon-NEO. Users can view the drive’s partitions and contents and view text files, jpeg, PDF, XML, HTML files. Other methods to preview include using the file browser feature and Falcon-NEO’s web browser on a PC/laptop or preview over a network via SMB or iSCSI (as an iSCSI target). 3rd party analysis tools can be used with SMB or iSCSI methods
  • Broad interface support. The Falcon-NEO provides built-in support for SAS/SATA/USB3/PCIe storage devices including solid state drives. PCIe drives require an optional adapter kit. mSATA, microSATA and eSATA drives are supported with adapters included with the unit. IDE drives, and flash drives are supported with optional adapters. Support for SCSI devices will be available with an optional module available in early summer 2018.
  • PCIe Support. Support for imaging to/from M.2 PCIe (SATA, AHCI, and NVME types), PCIe and mini-PCIe express cards is available using the Falcon-NEO’s 4-lane PCIe source and destination ports and optional adapters.
  • Concurrent Image+Verify. Imaging and verifying concurrently takes advantage of destination hard drives that may be faster than the source hard drive. Duration of total image+verify process time may be reduced by up to half.
  • BitLocker Support. Image source drives that have been encrypted using BitLocker. Decrypt partitions (requires the BitLocker password ) and then image the selected partitions.
  • Secure sensitive evidence data with whole drive AES 256 bit Encryption. Decryption can be performed using the Falcon-NEO or by using open source software programs such as VeraCrypt, TrueCrypt or FreeOTFE
  • Network Push Feature. Push evidence files from destination drives connected to Falcon-NEO or from a Falcon-NEO repository to a network location. An MD5 or SHA hash is performed during the push process
  • Image from a MAC with USB-C ports using a USB-C to USB-A cable and Target Disk Mode. Users can also image from MACs using Logicube’s USB boot device. Create a forensic bootable USB flash drive to image a source drive from a MAC on the same network without booting the MAC’s native O/S. The Falcon NEO supports imaging from MacBook Pro systems.
  • Image from a PC/laptop without removing hard drives. Create a forensic bootable USB flash drive to image a source drive from a computer on the same network without booting the computer’s native O/S. Supports Surface Pro 4 and above laptops.
  • Image restore feature. File to drive mode restores DD, DMG, E01, EX01 images created by the Falcon to another drive
  • Remote Operation. Connect to a networked Falcon-NEO from your PC using a web browser to manage all operations remotely. This feature provides automatic page scaling for iPAD type devices and authentication/password for increased security
  • Administrative feature allows users to save configuration settings and set password-protected user profiles
  • Features an internal, removable storage drive that stores O/S and audit trail/logs. The drive is easily removed for secure/classified locations
  • Image from a CD/DVD Blu-Ray. The Falcon-NEO can image CD/DVD/Blu-ray media by using a USB optical drive connected to the USB port on the Falcon-NEO. Supports multi-session CD/DVDs
  • Wipe drives to DoD specifications or use secure erase to wipe drives. Speeds of 30GB/min for SATA type drives and 72GB/min for PCIe drives
  • Audit Trail/Log files provide detailed information on each operation. Log files can be viewed on Falcon-NEO or via a web browser, exported to XML, HTML or PDF format to a USB enclosure. Users can print the log files directly from their PC when connected to Falcon-NEO via a web browser
  • Quiet Operation. The Falcon-NEO has been designed to minimize noise during operations
  • Additional features include HPA/DCO capture, drive spanning, color touchscreen display, HDMI port, two USB 3.0 host ports for keyboard, mouse or printer connectivity, blank disk check feature, drive trim feature, and S.M.A.R.T. data
LOGICUBE Forensic Falcon NEO
Duplicateur de disque dur d'investigation numérique Forensic
Nombre total de ports source


Nombre total de ports destination


Vitesse d'acquisition


Types d'interfaces supportées


Drives supportés 1.8'' IDE, 2.5'' IDE,3.5'' IDE, 1.8'' ZIF

Adaptateurs inclus

Support microSATA

Adaptateurs inclus

Support mSATA, eSATA

Oui - adaptateurs sur opt.

Support media Flash

Oui - adaptateurs sur opt.

Modes d'imagerie

e01, ex01, dd, natifs


SHA1, SHA256, ou MD5

Connexion réseau

Oui-Gigabit Ethernet

Navigateur WEB / contrôle à distance


Menus en différentes langues

Oui (Révision en cours)-Chinois, Espagnol

Port Firewire

Oui ( 1 source & 1 Dest)

Port USB

Oui (1 source (3.0)/2 Dest.(3.0). 2 ports USB hôtes suppl., 1 port périphériques USB 3.0

Port eSATA


Acquisition à partir de MAC or PC non ouverts


Cryptage ou Système de sécurité


Prévisualisation drive/transfert image : écriture 100% protégée


Fonction recherche par mots clés


Wipe feature; DoD & Secure Erase


LOGICUBE Forensic Falcon NEO
Duplicateur de disque dur d'investigation numérique Forensic
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LOGICUBE Forensic Falcon NEO
Duplicateur de disque dur d'investigation numérique Forensic